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Website Optimisation

Getting a website in front of your online clients is my business. Search engine optimisation can increase your website's visability on Google and Bing, Increase your number of visitors and increase your number of enquiries. 

Getting on page 1 for a google search term can't be gauranteed by anyone. I have a good track record of getting top level rankings for my clients. I achieve this by analysing the source code of your number 1 competitors website. 

I look at the layout, structure, content, back links ,key words, description and a host of other variables on your competitors site. Everything  is  scrutinised to find any weakness. This is the information that is used to formulate a plan to get your site on the same page or higher ranked than your main competitor. 

Example 1: The Antermony Loch website is managed for a small fishing club in Milton Of Campsie. It has around 200 members.The Antermony Loch website is optimised for fishing club Scotland


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Tel: 07 401 50 90 10


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