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Hello! and welcome to our contact page.

To book an appointment please Tel: 07 401 50 90 10

If I am on a call or in an area of poor reception please leave your name and number on my answering machine or send a text and I will call you back soon.


Things to try and resolve your computer or laptop problem.


Have you recently uninstalled software? Did you select yes when the computer asked you to delete a possible shared file?

If you have a copy of the software try to re-install it to see if this resolves your problem. 

If you have recently installed software, it may be the reason for your problem. 

Sometimes a compability issue with the operating system will cause errors or random system crashes. Try uninstalling the program to see if this resolves it.

Wherever possible when installing a program select install as the Administrator.


Have you recently upgraded your ram or installed some other internal or external device? Try removing the device or replace the old ram to see if it makes a difference. 

Some internal and external devices require you to install the software first before inserting or turning on the new device.

One of the most common problems I come across are out of date drivers.  Sometimes you will buy a device and it will come with a driver for a previous   version of your operating system. 

This is easily rectified by going to the manufacturers’ website and downloading a driver compatible with your operating system


Is your virus checking software working as well as it could? 

The good thing about most virus killing software is that it can be tweaked to work a bit harder. 

First find and go into the settings or advanced settings of your software. 

Select options that allow you to scan all files, scan within archives, select high if the software scan is set to medium, and enable heuristics. Run a scan to see if it can find and remove the virus.

Some virus scanners will allow you to do a boot scan or allow you to make a boot CD disk. If any of the above fail to find or remove the virus use this boot CD disk when you start up the computer.


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