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Computer Upgrades

Do you have problems with software installations, games not responding, a lack of hard drive space, memory errors or jerky graphics? A computer upgrade may be needed. From my experience computer and laptop performance and speed can be greatly enhanced with one or more of the upgrades mentioned below.

Most shop bought and custom built computers or laptops are fitted with hardware which has specifications well below the maximum that can be run on that device. This give you an advantage to upgrade to a higher rated processor, graphics, Wi-Fi, power supply, DVD, Blu Ray, audio or memory.

Newer software and operating system upgrades can also help to improve the performance and overall pleasure of using your computer or laptop. If you feel like your computer or laptop is not performing the way it should just give me a call or email and I will advise on the best course of action suited to your needs.

If the upgrade or repair is not economical I will let you know at no cost to you. I work on a no fix no fee basis.


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Tel: 07 401 50 90 10


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